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Kevin Danylchuk, Founder of My PPE Pal and President & General Manager of Vanguard Pharma, Offers Recommendations on How to Navigate Sourcing PPE from Trusted Sources 

​​May 20, 2020 08:00 AM

In the COVID-19 era, when it comes to personal protective equipment sourcing, it truly is the wild west out there. Products are very scarce, most are produced internationally, prices are significantly higher than vs. the pre-COVID era, and the allure of easy money has attracted unseemly actors who offer counterfeit products or unfair pricing. 


With this in mind, any government agency or organization interested in PPE should be aware of simple tips to follow that may serve to protect their interests when navigating this market.

First, avoid fly-by-night firms with no experience in the medical industry. Deal instead with firms that have a long and established history of serving the medical community.

Second, the PPE market is characterized by heavy demand and limited supply, and worldwide pricing has changed as a result. Sources with USA-based inventory “at the ready” to buy and ship demand a premium vs. goods that still need to be produced, inspected, exported, shipped, and then imported and re-inspected in the United States – a process that can take a month or more.  

Finally, examine the intangibles. Does your PPE partner have a catalog of their product portfolio? Do you know the names and faces of those with whom you are dealing? Are they responsive to you regarding your requests? Do they seem to truly care about helping the social challenge of dealing with the virus or is it the almighty dollar they are after? Ask for references!  Scam artists or unseemly actors will generally not do well when these above items are scrutinized. 


For the past few years, Vanguard has been serving clinicians' needs by offering medical devices, programs and services that enhance practices and lead to better clinical outcomes. Vanguard is proud of our commitment to help both the medical community and other industries as a trusted PPE supplier. We have very grateful customers that truly appreciate the work that we have done to provide them with the PPE they desperately need and to do it in a way that is comfortable for them to handle financially. We look forward to helping YOUR organization today. If you need to source PPE, please get in touch!


Kevin Danylchuk

President and General Manager of Vanguard Pharma
Call or text: 201-783-9812

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